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07 June 2008 @ 05:27 pm
Irish AU Fic: Steal Away - part 3/?  
Er... Late, as usual. *facepalm* I'm so sorry! Good news though, I'm almost done with chapter 4, so hopefully the wait will be shorter this time. *crosses fingers for RL not to get in the way*

Title: Steal Away (3/?)
Author: fallonblackdays
Characters/Pairing: Jared Padalecki/Jensen Ackles; Steve Carlson/Christian Kane; appearances by Sandy McCoy, Chad Lindberg, Jeffrey Dean Morgan
Disclaimers: It’s all pretending, folks. We don’t own these people, they own themselves, and we sure don’t claim to know any of them. None of this ever happened.
Thanks: to jelloh0530, for the amazing prompt: I love you woman!! ♥ To my sparkly baby splashpink and the awesome eilan for the support and beta job.
Warnings: AU
Summary: Roundstone, County Galway, Ireland, 1905. Jensen never quite experienced the true feeling of belonging, at least until "the kid from Dublin" comes into the village, and into his life. (yes, I suck at summaries, so what??)

Previous chapters:

Chapter One
Chapter Two

As always, the music goes on for hours. Steve’s fingers never seem to grow tired of skimming over the strings, and the old men are showing the same amount of endurance, clapping and singing and tapping their feet.

The pub starts to fill up a little as evening approaches and the workshops close down, and at some point Sandy disappears into the kitchen to work on the stew for the wave of hungry farmers that are about to burst through the door.

Steve starts to pack up his guitar as soon as the aroma spreads through the pub, and the expression that comes over Chris’ face closely resembles a scowl.

“Where are you going?” he calls out to Steve from behind the counter.

Steve shrugs and gives him a smile.

“You don’t need to,” Chris insists. “Really, we have enough space here for everyone.”

“Christian, leave him be. You know you can’t keep a Traveler inside four walls for long, not even for a pint,” old Tommy says, but there’s a gentle light in his eyes. They all know that despite having being accepted by almost everyone in the village, Steve prefers to retreat to his cart when most of the villagers are reunited in the same place.

Steve gives a small grateful nod to the old man and hoists his guitar up over his shoulder.
“It’s all right,” he says as he walks by the counter. “I’m not leaving yet.”

Chris gives him a relieved smile, but he still can’t seem to get rid of the disgruntled look on his face.
“I’ll bring you some dinner later,” he offers.

The smile that spreads Steve’s lips then is almost dazzling.
“Thank you.”

Jensen pretends not to see either that smile or the longing look in Chris’ eyes as he watches Steve go.

“I don’t think it’s fair,” Chris says, driving Jensen’s attention away from the bottle of whiskey he’s stocking away in a cupboard.


“For him to go away like that. He should be able to stay if he feels like it.”

Jensen sighs.
“Obviously he doesn’t feel like it.”

“Obviously he just wants to avoid trouble with Keith,” Chris argues.

Jensen barely restrains himself from rolling his eyes. “As if Steve ever cared about whatever it was that Keith said.”

“The fact that he doesn’t care doesn’t mean he likes listening to it.”

“That’s not what I’m saying.”

“Then what are you saying, Jensen?” Chris asks, eyes suddenly ablaze.

Jensen hesitates. Somehow pointing out that whatever the village’s bully does do or say has probably little to do with Steve wanting to stay on his own, and that’s just the Traveler nature resurfacing, and Chris should face the fact that Steve just will not be around forever doesn't sound like a good idea.

“I get that you don’t like Steve-”

Jensen blinks. “Where do you get that? I like Steve!” he protests quickly.

Chris arches an eyebrow at him. “Really? Then why are you always so damn wary around him?”

Jensen is racking his brain for an answer when the small bell hanging over the door of the pub chimes and the aforementioned wave of hungry men swarms in. He’s never been so grateful.

Greetings are exchanged, and the pub fills quickly like Jensen knew it would. For the next half an hour or so they’re all so busy serving stew and beer that Jensen doesn’t notice anything. He half listens to the men’s chatter about the day in the fields and grins when he passes by the old men’s table and hears them complaining fiercely about how all the others are good at is interrupting good music.

It’s only when he finally has the chance to go back to the counter that he sees him, and he wonders how he has missed him. The young man sitting on one of the stools surely is big enough not to be overlooked, broad shoulders taut under the woolen shirt, long arms resting over the brim of the counter.

Jensen knows that dejected stance enough to be sure that it has nothing to do with the hard work’s day that the kid’s clothes suggest he had. He sighs and walks over, picking up a bottle of whiskey and pouring a glass.

“Drink up,” he says, placing it in front of the stranger. “Then you’ll tell me if you feel like stew.”

When the young man looks up at him, Jensen thinks that he looks too small for the width of his shoulders. It’s a look that he knows well though, one that he has sported himself quite a few times in the past; tired, confused, even a little lost.

“Drink up,” he says again.

The young man stares at him for another moment before nodding and downing the shot in one gulp.

“Thank you,” he smiles, dimples making an appearance on his cheeks with the gesture, and Jensen finds himself smiling back almost on instinct.

“It’s Jared, right?”

The young man looks slightly taken aback for a moment, and then a smile so wide that it can only match Sandy’s comes to spread his lips.

“Yes, I’m Jared,” he says, holding out a hand and shaking Jensen’s enthusiastically.


Jared frowns.
“It doesn’t sound quite Irish.”

Jensen grins.
“Don’t let the others hear that, I think they erased how untraditional my name it is from their minds.”

Jared’s face falls, his eyes lowering down to the empty glass.

Jensen frowns.
“Did I say something wrong?”

Jared shrugs and flashes him a smile, and Jensen already doesn’t like that it’s smaller than the previous ones.

“My last name isn’t exactly Irish, either.”

Jensen has the sudden urge to hit himself. Padalecki. Right.

“It’s all right,” he hurries to say with what he hopes is a reassuring smile. “Nobody calls anybody by their last name here.”

The smile he gets now is a little less shaky, and he instantly feels better.
“So,” he says, “shall I bring you some stew?”

Jared actually beams at him.

Jensen laughs and hurries into the kitchen. He chooses to ignore the wink Chris throws at him from the old men’s table.


There’s light music coming from the red cart, quiet notes that barely travel on air.
Chris stands still out of the back door of the pub, holding his breath so that he won’t miss any chord.

“I know you’re out there.”
There’s a hint of laughter in Steve’s voice, and Chris grins as he walks up.

“How do you do that?”

The music stops, Steve emerging from the depths of the cart with a smile.
“Habit,” he says, settling over the seat. “I have to keep my ears trained in case someone decides that it’s time to set my house on fire.”

Chris stares at him. The careless way in which Steve has said it is almost chilling; it’s like he’s expecting it to happen. Chris figures that he probably is.

“Don’t look at me that way,” Steve smiles serenely at him. “Nature is bound to take its course.”

“You shouldn’t talk like that,” Chris says, trying to sound like his stomach hasn’t just tied up in knots.
He’s not sure that he managed though, because Steve gives him this long stare that he can’t quite decipher.

He doesn’t know what he had been expecting Steve to say at the end of that, but it surely wasn’t, “Is that for me?” as Steve nods to the plate of stew he’s carrying.

He blinks and holds it out to him.
“Of course.”

“Thank you. It smells great,” Steve’s smile is wide and bright, and Chris wonders how long it has been since he’s eaten any meat, or any decent meal at all. “How much do I owe you for it?”

“Not a penny,” Chris hurries to say. “It’s on the house.”

“It’s all right,” Steve argues. “I have some money.”

Chris is shaking his head even before Steve has finished the sentence.
“Jeff would kill me if I made you pay.”

Steve stares at him for a moment and then smiles again, digging into the stew.
“Then you tell Jeff I said thank you,” he says around a mouthful. “And you tell Sandy that this is amazing.”

Chris smiles and nods.
“I will.” He hesitates. “Do you want some company while you eat?”

Steve arches an eyebrow down at him.
“Shouldn’t you be working?”

“Uh...” Chris scratches the back of his head in an embarrassed gesture that he’s sure is making him look like an idiot. “Everyone’s drinking and eating, it should be quiet for a while.”

Steve doesn’t say anything, but he does scoot over to allow him to climb up and sit next to him.

Neither of them speaks for a while, enjoying one of those companionable silences that Chris has secretly come to love.

“So how is Jared holding up?” Steve asks then.

Chris grins a little.
“He was talking to Jensen when I left.”

“Good,” Steve says with a satisfied nod. “If someone can help him out, that’s Jensen.”

“Did you meet him?” Chris asks after another beat of silence. “Jared, I mean.”

“Yeah, I met him,” Steve smiles as he munches happily on his meat. “When I got into town this morning Chad told me about a ‘new arrival’. I was curious.”

“So that’s where you’ve been all day,” Chris says, trying not to sound whiny about it, because really, where has his dignity gone? And why would he feel jealous? “Out in the fields with Jared.”

Steve smiles. “He’s a good kid.”

“You haven’t come to see me.”

The words are out suddenly and way before Chris can do anything to stop them. Steve turns to look at him, and he can’t remember a time when he has felt this idiotic. He opens his mouth to say something, some joke or a clever change of subject, anything that would stray them away from what he has just said, but all that comes out is a very intelligent, “Uh...”

Chris isn’t usually glad to hear Keith’s loud voice, but when it rings out from the main entrance of the pub he feels almost relieved.
He smiles apologetically at Steve and jumps down of the cart.

“I have to go. Jensen can’t be trusted on his own around Keith, he could hit him.”

“Christian,” Steve calls out to him when he’s practically at the back door, waiting for him to turn around before speaking again. “I could play a couple of your favourite songs later on. Maybe you will forgive me then.”

Chris tries to ignore the sudden thumping of his heart and smiles.
“Yeah,” he says. “Maybe I will.”


Jensen laughs when Jared holds out his bowl greedily for yet more stew.
“Jesus, you really are hungry!”

Jared flushes a little (or is it just a trick of the dim light? Jensen isn’t sure) and gives him a sheepish smile.
“I’m not used to working in the fields,” he justifies himself. “It takes a lot out of a man.”

Jensen nods as he serves him.
“It sure does.”

“Did you ever do it? Work in the fields, I mean,” Jared asks with a hopeful look in his hazel eyes, obviously eager for some common ground. Jensen thinks he knows the feeling, and he hates that he has to shake his head.

“Not really. I’ve always worked in here.”

But Jared’s face doesn’t fall. If possible, it lights up even more as he inches closer to the edge of his stool.
“That’s good,” he grins. “I can’t really picture you working in the fields.”

Jensen arches an eyebrow, and this time he is sure that Jared’s blushing, color rising in his perfect cheekbones.

“Uh... I... I mean... It’s not that you couldn’t do it... it’s just...” he stutters. “You... you look perfect. For a barman,” he adds hurriedly.

Jensen chuckles.
“I’m going to take that as a compliment and pretend that you haven’t just compared me to a girl.”

“It was! I mean, it was a compliment!”

Jensen knows that he shouldn’t, but he can’t help laughing at Jared’s fumbling.
“It’s all right. I was teasing you.”

Jared blinks.
“Oh.” He takes a deep breath of relief and smiles tentatively. “Good.”

Jensen smiles back and watches him eat his third plate. There is nothing left for him to pretend to be doing around the pub, so he just settles down and studies this stranger that apparently has brought more smiles out of him in half an hour than what Chris has been able to do in years.

There is something about him. Jensen can’t quite put his finger on it. For all his endearing blushing and stuttering, Jared has a grace about him that Jensen has never seen, and that not even the farmer clothes that he’s wearing can cover. He wonders if it’s something that people over in Dublin have developed or if it’s indeed a peculiarity of his.

When Jared looks up at him and smiles around the last mouthful of stew, Jensen decides that it’s going to be a trademark to Jared’s figure.

“This was fantastic,” Jared beams as he finally puts down the spoon. “Thank you.”

Jensen nods in acknowledgment and takes the bowl away.
“You’re welcome. A pint to wash it down?” he asks, nodding at Jared’s empty tankard.

Jared nods enthusiastically.

“So,” Jensen begins, “what brings you here all the way from Dublin town?”

Something happens then that Jensen doesn’t like at all; Jared’s face darkens, and he looks down, as if ashamed by the question.

Jensen suddenly feels like an idiot.
“I’m sorry,” he says hastily, “I didn’t mean...”

“It’s all right.” Jared looks back up at him with a small smile.

“No it’s not,” Jensen says gently, placing the beer in front of him. “I shouldn’t have meddled.”

“He’s been kicked out.”

Jensen’s jaw clenches instantly, an automatic reflex to the voice that he hates so much. He looks up, eyes blazing, blood starting to boil at the smirk he’s presented with.

“Get me a pint, Jensen.”

He wishes he could refuse, but Mr. Morgan would have his hide if he did, so he grits his teeth and grants the request, drawing the ale with much more vengeance than necessary.

“You don’t have to be ashamed, Jared.”
Keith leans with one hip against the counter, smirking down at Jared from under the brim of his bowler hat, dark eyes glinting maliciously. The fine white shirt that he’s wearing under the brown waistcoat is slightly open at the neck, not so much as to be considered inappropriate but enough to draw attention.

Pompous prick, Jensen thinks viciously. He acts like he’s some sort of fashion creature from Dublin’s highest salons, but he’s truly the rudest person Jensen has ever met.

“Nobody will judge you,” Keith continues unpleasantly. “Do you judge him, lads?”

‘The Flock’, as Sandy likes to call Keith’s useless friends, all smirk and chuckle.

“You’re just not good enough for Dublin. It’s all right, we understand.”

Jensen watches as Jared’s head dips lower and lower.

“Leave him alone, Keith,” he snaps, slamming the tankard down on the counter. The beer overspills.

Keith holds up his hands in mock surrender and laughs.
“There’s no need to get angry. We were just trying to make him feel welcomed.”

“It’s obviously not working, so take your beer and piss off.”

Keith leans over the counter and leers at him.
“You can’t treat a paying customer that way.”

“You’re not a paying customer, your father pays for you. So I may treat you as I please,” Jensen retorts.

Keith seems slightly taken aback by this, but he recovers quickly.
“Exactly,” he says sweetly. “My father pays for me, and you don’t want to get on the wrong side of my father, do you?”

Jensen’s eyes flash dangerously. He walks out from behind the counter, his whole frame tense, and stops to face Keith from barely one foot away.

“Are you threatening me?”

Keith only smirks, which turns out to be quite a huge mistake.

It happens in a heartbeat. The thud of Keith’s back against the nearest wall echoes around the whole pub like a gunshot. His hat flies to the floor, and time seems to freeze as everyone stares with their breath caught in their throats.

None dares to move though. Not Keith’s friends; not the farmers; not Jared, who appears quite surprised at this sudden escalation; not Sandy, who’s watching wide-eyed as Jensen messes with the only person in town they can’t afford to mess with.

The old men seem largely amused and not-so-subtly cheering for Jensen, leaning eagerly and precariously on the edge of their chairs.

Jensen’s fists curl around the white collar of Keith’s shirt, knuckles turning bloodless. He slams him forcefully against the wall once again.

“Are you threatening me, you son of a bitch?!” he demands in a yell.

“Woah! Jensen, take it easy!”

Chris is suddenly there, trying to pry him off Keith (who by now has lost his arrogance and is staring at Jensen as if he has never seen him before), but Jensen doesn’t budge.

“Jensen, back off!” Chris tries again, tugging quite impatiently at his shoulder. Again, to no avail.

Jensen is a patient man, but once the line is crossed, he can’t just back down as if nothing happened. Frankly, he doesn’t even want to, not this time. Keith has spent years going too far, and Jensen has simply had enough. Mr. Finningan and his social position can go to hell along with his son.

“What got into you?!” Keith cries, finally reacquiring his faculty of speech. “I was just teasing the new kid!”

“You tease too much,” Jensen growls, pressing a forearm to Keith’s throat, receiving a satisfying gagging in return.

Chris redoubles his hold around him and yanks him back, this time effectively managing to pull him away. They almost tumble to the floor with the momentum.
“Jensen, for Christ’s sake, that’s enough!”

“What the hell’s going on here?!”

Jensen and Chris look up at the pub’s entrance with the same guilty look of kids being caught misbehaving. Mr. Morgan is standing in the doorway, surveying the scene with narrowed eyes. His steps are the only sound that can be heard for a while as he walks inside, hands on his hips, a stern look on his face as he zeroes in on Jensen’s features.

Jensen gulps.
“Uh... I... ah...”

“It was nothing, Jeff,” old Tommy speaks up serenely. “Just lads being lads. How is Dublin town?”

Mr. Morgan shoots him a glare before going back to stare at Jensen and Chris, still entangled together.
“Oh, compose yourselves, for God’s sake,” he snaps, and Chris unlocks his iron hold around Jensen’s middle quick as lighting.

Jensen watches as Mr. Morgan walks up to a still gasping Keith and stares questioningly at him.

“He attacked me!” Keith cries, wheezing exaggeratedly and gesturing frantically at Jensen.

Mr. Morgan arches a dark eyebrow.
“Really,” he says, and it’s clear that he’s not attempting to conceive his skepticism at all.


“It wasn’t Jensen’s fault,” Jared speaks up suddenly, standing from his stool. “He was only trying to-”

“You shut up,” Mr. Morgan cuts him off curtly, and Jared’s mouth clamps shut.

“Yes, sir,” he mutters, looking down at the floor.

Jensen frowns. Sir?

“He slammed me against the wall-”

“You shut up, too.”

Jensen watches with satisfaction as Keith’s face falls when he realizes that Mr. Morgan has really no intention of taking his side.

“I don’t care whose fault it is,” Mr. Morgan says, looking at all of them in turn. “But if I see punches flying in my pub again I’m going to make all of you sorry. Do I make myself clear?”

“You can’t threaten me.”
Keith has the very unwise idea of speaking up, his scorn coming back.

Mr. Morgan turns very slowly and fixes him with such a glacial stare that Jensen feels like recoiling himself even if it’s not aimed at him.

“Excuse me?”

Keith gulps visibly but stands his ground and squares his shoulders despite the stuttering attempts of his friends to shut him up.
“I said, you can’t threaten me.”

“Lad, if you come into my pub and act like you own it, you can consider yourself lucky that I’m only threatening you.”

“My father-”

“Your father doesn’t own my pub, either.”

Keith glares in indignation and storms out with his friends, sending a nasty departing look in Jensen’s direction. Jensen doesn’t care. He’s far more preoccupied with his boss breathing fire.

Mr. Morgan turns back to him and Chris, jaw clenched underneath the stubble.

“Get back to work.”

They do so instantly. Chris throws him a death glare that promises they’re going to square this later, and Jensen sighs. Perfect.

“Jay, you come with me.”

Jensen’s head whirls around. Jay. He watches as Jared sighs dejectedly and gives him an apologetic look as he follows Mr. Morgan upstairs. He looks questioningly at Chris, who gives him a nasty grin.

“Didn’t we tell you? Jared is Mr. Morgan’s nephew. He’s staying in an upstairs bedroom here in the pub.”

Jensen fumbles a little with the rag he’s holding.

Chris’ infuriating smile widens. “Does it bother you?”

Jensen glares at him. “Oh, shut your mouth.”

It’s roughly ten minutes later when the bell over the door chimes again and Chad walks in.
“I hear there’s a fight.”

He looks interestingly around, at the patrons drinking and chatting, at old Tommy entertaining his friends with yet another story, at Sandy waltzing through the tables as gracefully as ever and at Chris and Jensen working behind the counter, glaring at each other from time to time.

“Well, shite. Did I miss the fun?”

Jensen groans loudly.

Chapter Four
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kuhekabirkuhekabir on June 7th, 2008 04:13 pm (UTC)
Hehehehe...Chad...Please post more soon :)
Sonia: Supernatural | Ben | AC/DCfallonblackdays on June 7th, 2008 09:32 pm (UTC)
I love me some Chad. ;) I will try to post the new part asap. Thanks so much for reading! :)
The egotistical, self-absorbed attention whore...deviant_dev on June 7th, 2008 04:30 pm (UTC)
I love this fic. Chad's entrance is priceless. I can totally picture him saying that.
Sonia: Supernatural | Dean Impala | captainfallonblackdays on June 7th, 2008 09:33 pm (UTC)
*grins* Thanks! Happy you liked it!
katsa_db_lover: Dean1katsa_db_lover on June 7th, 2008 04:38 pm (UTC)
Oh! I love this!!! :D LoL..Chad...totally can't wait for more! :DDD
Sonia: Supernatural | Dean | lightsfallonblackdays on June 7th, 2008 09:34 pm (UTC)
I'm really happy to know that you enjoyed this part! Thank you! :D
ymmy12ymmy12 on June 7th, 2008 05:23 pm (UTC)
so glad to see this posted
great chapter
i love jensen being tempered--but i hope it nothing too bad happens because of keith
Sonia: Supernatural | J2 | otpfallonblackdays on June 7th, 2008 09:36 pm (UTC)
Keith will have a role in this story, but do not worry, he's only the tip of the iceberg... Or the last straw, it depends from the POV. ;)
I'm glad to know that you liked this chapter so much. Thank you!
(Anonymous) on June 7th, 2008 05:24 pm (UTC)
This is really a fun story. It is keeping me on the edge of my seat :)
tigerpinkytigerpinky on June 7th, 2008 05:27 pm (UTC)
oops, that was me
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deanshot: breathlessdeanshot on June 7th, 2008 05:27 pm (UTC)
Superb chapter.
I got tingles up my arms when Jensen pinned Keith to the wall.
So Jared is Mr.Morgan's nephew, oh this should get very interesting.
Thanks so much for the update.
Looking forward to more.
Sonia: Supernatural | Impala | 67fallonblackdays on June 7th, 2008 09:39 pm (UTC)
Thank you for reading and commenting, it's really appreciated! I was happy to note that this chapter was turning out longer than the previous two, so I could give you guys some more material. And I'm really glad to know that you've ejoyed it. :)
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Sonia: KANE | Chris&Steve | hugfallonblackdays on June 7th, 2008 09:41 pm (UTC)
I'm so happy you do!! So far I'm quite satisfied with this Steve myself. :D *hugs* ♥
ramona4jakeramona4jake on June 7th, 2008 11:44 pm (UTC)
Can I make a request for the next chapter (like you don't give us enough...) ? Can you post pictures of you characters - I don't know if I have a clear image of them ;-)
Thank you, good, funny chapter, hope you up-date soon !
Soniafallonblackdays on June 8th, 2008 12:01 am (UTC)
Um... I'm sorry, this has been a long week and I'm kinda dumb atm so I don't think I'm quite getting your request... Do you want me to post pics of the actors and musicians that I'm mentioning in these fics because you're not clear on who they are? (like Jensen Ackles, Jared Padalecki, Chad Lindberg, & co.)

Thank you for reading anyway. ;)
Maybe Katie: Awesomeladykatiewench on June 8th, 2008 01:47 am (UTC)
Heh heh! I love this story!
Soniafallonblackdays on June 8th, 2008 02:10 pm (UTC)
Thank you! I'm glad that you do. :D
lelann137lelann137 on June 8th, 2008 04:47 am (UTC)
awesome fic! very interesting. I wonder what's up with jared. Thanks!
Sonia: KANE | Steve | poetfallonblackdays on June 8th, 2008 02:11 pm (UTC)
Thank you for reading and dropping me a line! I'm really happy to know that you're enjoying it so far. :)
Sara: withstupidssfladysb on June 8th, 2008 10:03 am (UTC)
This is just a lovely story. I can't wait to find out what Jared drama is liked that Jen stood up to the town bully. Very sweet first interaction between the J's, I have a feeling Jensen is going to be very protective of Jared.
will never stop being this silly americans fav swear word.
Soniafallonblackdays on June 8th, 2008 02:14 pm (UTC)
Your feeling is right. ;) Jensen will be extremely protective of Jared.
And "shite" is one of my fav swear words, too. It's just lovely. LOL Thank you so much for reading, I'm happy to know that you've enjoyed this chapter so much: :)
Shellztrueshellz on June 8th, 2008 03:15 pm (UTC)
Loved the last bit
Sonia: Supernatural | Dean | wavesfallonblackdays on June 8th, 2008 04:29 pm (UTC)
*grins* Thank you! I'm glad you did. :D
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And Chad's entrance had me laughing!
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Thanks so much! I'm real happy that you're enjoying it. :D (also, love your icon!)
Live like you mean it and love til you feel it: Sam Dean [looking at you]rei17 on June 8th, 2008 08:33 pm (UTC)
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And Jensen punching this douchebag was just awesome. *g*
I´m looking forward to more. =)
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Xx_Darkshines_xXx_darkshines_x on June 8th, 2008 09:15 pm (UTC)
OMG I laughed out so loud at that line from Chad and I was sat out reading this in the garden - I had the neighbours shouting over wanting to know the joke lmao!

Theres an interesting story there with Steve and Chris.. I wanna know it! I love the way they're dancin around each other.

Jared!!! yay!!

I love the way you intro'd him as Jeff's nephew! worked brilliantly.

and go Jensen standin up to that ass!

Lookin forward to more of this. I cant help but hear JDM's Irish accent from PS:ILU and then that makes me think of Jensen with an Irish accent and that just takes me to a very happy place
Sonia: Supernatural | J2 | no better placefallonblackdays on June 9th, 2008 12:58 pm (UTC)
I had the neighbours shouting over wanting to know the joke lmao!

LMAO Did you tell 'em? *grins*

I'm really happy to know that you're enjoying both Steve and Chris' and Jared and Jensen's intreactions this much. :)

I cant help but hear JDM's Irish accent from PS:ILU and then that makes me think of Jensen with an Irish accent and that just takes me to a very happy place

Eeeeeh... I bet. LOL I haven't seen PS: ILU but I've been told Jeffrey was brilliant despite the movie not being that much of a thing. :D
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