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23 July 2008 @ 11:29 pm
It's time for some pimping, people. *grins excitedly*


The lovely splashpink created a new challenge community for all things action, for both the J2 and Winchester boys. Quoting from her post:

"Welcome to herogetstheguy. We're heading into August, and the time of the Summer Blockbuster is upon us.

The rules are simple. Once you have picked your prompt and staked your claim, you have until the 31st of October to write 15,000 words of ass kicking, car chasing, building exploding, life-or-death-smooching action fic!

Don't want to write a fic? Head over to the Sound Bites Studio and sign up to create a soundtrack for your chosen prompt. Sign up for Soundtracks will take place on the 2nd of November, and are due by the 14th. Posting will begin on the 20th. Hopefully we should have enough fic to keep us all going through the winter!"

There are more than 90 prompts over there (I already claimed one... LOL I'm so weak... :P), I'm sure that anoyne could find something that suits them. C'mon... you know you wanna... *bats eyelashes*
feeling: excitedexcited