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01 July 2008 @ 02:55 pm
Title: Steal Away (4/?)
Author: fallonblackdays
Characters/Pairing: Jared Padalecki/Jensen Ackles; Steve Carlson/Christian Kane; appearances by Sandy McCoy, Chad Lindberg, Jeffrey Dean Morgan
Disclaimers: It’s all pretending, folks. We don’t own these people, they own themselves, and we sure don’t claim to know any of them. None of this ever happened.
Thanks: to jelloh0530, for the amazing prompt: I love you woman!! ♥ To my sparkly baby [Unknown LJ tag] and the awesome eilan for the support and beta job.
Warnings: AU
Summary: Roundstone, County Galway, Ireland, 1905. Jensen never quite experienced the true feeling of belonging, at least until "the kid from Dublin" comes into the village, and into his life. (yes, I suck at summaries, so what??)

Previous chapters:

Chapter One
Chapter Two
Chapter Three

Chapter FourCollapse )
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